About BRS

Who We Are

At BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. we are expanding the role of biology in the development of therapeutics. Nature’s stem cell-based processes in the human body hold answers to challenges in all areas of therapeutic development. Bioengineers at BRS learn from nature to develop new sets of molecules from stem cells that replace reductionist designed pharmaceuticals with biologically designed therapeutics. New concepts and types of therapeutics fall out this reverse engineering approach such as the concept of the naturally induced pluripotent stem cell (NiPS) and the control of the processes that initiate NiPSs by particular formulations of S2RM® (Maguire, 2014).

BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. uses our core adult stem cell technology, S²RM® Technology, to bring you eleven patent-pending healthcare products, including our skin and hair care products. These topical products are systems therapeutics (Maguire, 2014), that are designed to soothe and help heal the eye, skin, and mucosal membranes. Using the SRM (stem cell released molecules) from two or more adult stems, our S2RM® Technology has been formulated into eye drops to soothe dry eyes, into a cream for helping mitigate the discomfort associated with vaginal dryness, into a gel for helping minimize the pain, redness, scarring associated with traumatized skin, into topicals and injectibles for rebuilding and normalizing the extracellular matrix and microenvironment of cancer cells to a normal state to revert the cancer phenotype to a normal adult phenotype, and into age management skin and hair care products.

Spun out of the world’s leading biotech research hub in San Diego, California, and based upon years of laboratory and clinical research by Dr. Greg Maguire, Bio Regenerative Sciences (BRS) has harnessed the healing power of adult stem cells to promote healthy tissue and skin. Utilizing advanced SRM Technology developed at BRS, our products stimulate the natural healing process of tissues by restoring growth factors and other molecules normally found in young, healthy tissue and skin. This is natural healing in its truest sense, a systems biology approach. Through powerful stimulation of the natural healing process found in human tissue and skin, BRS’ products give immediate and lasting results by providing the latest science to tissue and skin care products; we provide healing to health care, not just cover-ups.

The superior effectiveness of the BRS stem cell derived products is largely the result of the full complement of molecules (the S2RM® Technology) obtained from adult stem cells, including growth factors, peptides, collagen, cytokines, interleukins, anti-oxidants, chaperone proteins, exosomes, micro-particles, and other molecules. BRS utilizes this proprietary S2RM® Technology (stem cell released molecules) to harvest and deliver the full complement of all of the active molecules released by stem cells to the normal tissue.

Through the combined effects of these stem cell derived natural factors, BRS’ products help to “heal” the tissue, restore fluid production and fluid content, to increase natural texture and coloration, to help stimulate the production of new cells that will assist in the restoration of tissue, to rebuilding the extracellular matrix and microenvironment, and to help reduce pain, inflammation, and redness resulting from minor traumas to the tissue or skin. Now with S2RM® Technology, where combinations of stem cell types are used to promote healing, just as the human body works, BRS is able to bring you the most advanced, efficacious products on the market. All of our products are developed and made in the USA.