SRM Core Technology

The unique nature of the stem cell released molecules technology (SRM Technology™) centers on the identification, selection, culture, and stimulation of the appropriate stem cells, and then the capture of those molecules released from the stem cells. In this manner, proprietary and patent-pending technology is used in the BioRegenerative Science (BRS) laboratory to capture what the stem cells normally release in the body. This is a systems based approach where, instead of a reductionist approach where one or two molecules are used for treatment, all of the molecules from the stem cells act together as they normally do in order to deliver the emergent properties of the system of all molecules. Further, BRS uses a technology that mimicks the manner in which the body heals itself whereby two or more types of stem cells become resident at the site of injury, and the two types of stem cells release their molecules into the tissue in concert, producing an emergent, synergistic healing effect. The use of two or more stem cell types to produce the SRM is known as BRS’ S²RM® Technology.

The S2RM® Technology, exclusively used by BioRegenerative Sciences, has the advantage compared to other stem cell technologies of capturing a full and natural complement, or “system,” of known molecules. This full complement of captured molecules from stem cells are subsequently injected into, or topically applied to, the patient in a precise dosing schedule to begin the systems-based regenerative process. Examples of topical S²RM® Technology procedures include dry eye therapy, and lower extremity diabetic ulcer wound therapy where treatment is easily and most effectively delivered topically to the affected site. Injectable or ingestible S2RM Technology is used in procedures for Central Nervous System (CNS) and other organ diseases where the molecules cannot be delivered as a simple topical.

Not All Stem Cell Therapies Are Alike

Advantages Of SRM Technology:

  • A naturally occuring multitude of Stem Cell Released Molecules from two or more stem cell types (S²RM®s) are delivered
  • Systems approach with the entire complement of stem cell released molecules
  • A defined, consistent, and controlled dose of S²RM® Technology™ molecules is easily delivered
  • Unique stem cell types and their molecules are specifically used for particular tissues and indications
  • Instead of the “one size fits all” approach where one stem cell type is used to treat many tissues and indications, S²RM® uses those stem cell types and their specific molecules to treat a particular tissue and indication