What we stand for

The BRS team strives in every way to be the best that we can possibly be; utilizing the best science, the best technology, the best people, and the best possible ethics to conduct our business. Therefore, we are: A team that believes in social value: Do no harm; Improve the quality of life of those who use our products and services and, apply our skill and knowledge to make our company different from and better than other companies offering stem cell therapeutics to humans and animals. A company that focuses on the development and commercialization of stem cell-based technologies used to provide healing, cosmetic enhancement, and therapeutic relief and treatment of inflammatory, degenerative diseases, and damaged tissues using a family of stem cell released molecules termed the S2RM Technology™. In service to mankind for the prevention, healing, and treatment of a number of indications. BioRegenerative Sciences is formulating topicals, drops, sprays, ingestibles, transdermals, and nutriceuticals that currently are not available in the marketplace. Further, we provide stem cell-based therapeutic services to both human and animal patients through the application of adipose- derived, autologous stem cell products for a variety of medical, therapeutic, and cosmeceutical indications.

About Us

BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. uses our core adult stem cell technology, SRM Technology,TM to bring you eleven patent-pending healthcare and cosmeceutical products. These topical products, systems therapeutics, are designed to soothe and help heal the eye, skin, and mucosal membranes. Using the SRM (stem cell released molecules) from two or more adult stems, our S2RM® Technology has been formulated into eye drops to soothe dry eyes, into a cream for helping mitigate the discomfort associated with vaginal dryness, into a gel for helping minimize the pain, redness, scarring associated with traumatized skin, and into age management cosmeceuticals. S2RM® for healthy living. And now, for those interested in hair growth, try our hair stimulating complex, called Hair Stemulating Complex.

Comparing S²RM Methodology To Stem Cell Therapeutics

By:  Greg Maguire, Ph.D.

Background: Stem cell therapy has been shown to be highly effective in the laboratory setting.
In the lab setting, studies show that in many instances the therapeutic effects of stem cells is solely because of SRM.  Translation of stem cell therapeutics from lab to clinic is often unsuccessful.

Question: Why not use the stem cells themselves […]

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Dr. Maguire’s Blog

Dr. Greg Maguire. The Promise Of Stem Cell-Based Systems Biology Therapeutics: Mimicking Mother Nature To Produce The Most Advanced Healing Products On The Market

Dr. Maguire spoke at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in February, 2014 about the basis of S2RM® Technology and the high level safety and efficacy profiles that result in the BRS product line. Dr. […]

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Is Argireline Botox In A Bottle?

Many people have asked me if argireline is the same as having botox treatment for facial lines and wrinkles. The short answer is no.

Botulinum toxin is a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, and is known to be extremely neurotoxic, and causes flaccid muscular paralysis seen in botulism. Physicians use this as a commercial […]

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