Skin and Hair Care

BRS develops technologies and products for functional hair and skin care topicals. Some of these technologies and products have been out-licensed, and are available for out-licensing opportunities.

Comparison Study

Facial and Peri-Orbital Human


A comparison study was done to measure the results of applying Vital Serum and 5 other products of similar properties or claiming similar properties on the human skin.
This study served two purposes:

  1. to show how effective BRS Skin Serum is compared to other products in the market.
  2. Be used as a control group for the study in addition to using a placebo.
Subject Distribution


Subjects were studied independently by a contract manufacturer. Results were tabulated using scores generated by the clinical evaluations and subject questionnaire. All results showed a statistical significant of p< 0.05.

Improvement is shown as a percentage difference between the comparable products average result and Vital Serum after the treatment and includes all 40 subjects completing the study.

Vital Serum showed a 31% or better score than five other state-of-the-art products on the market.

Comparative Results Other Products

The Results

The before and after pictures shown in the slideshow below are user submitted. Depending on age, skin type, and ethnicity, the results may vary. However, we believe that our products will benefit everyone who uses them. The pictures below are the results of a client who has used our Vital Technologies Power Pak.

In a comparison test against five other state-of-the-art anti-aging skin care products on the market, S2RM Skin Serum showed a 30% or better score for each of the eight measurements. Eight key Skin Aging Factors were measured including, 1. Wrinkle Dimension, 2. Texture, 3. Pore Size, 4. Sagging, 5. Puffiness, 6. Dark Spots, 7. U.V. Spots, and 8. Staining. The percent increases compared to the next best product were as follows:

  1. Wrinkle Dimension – 60%
  2. Texture – 60%
  3. Pore Size – 50%
  1. Sagging – 40%
  2. Puffiness – 40%
  3. Dark Spots – 40%
  1. U.V. Spots – 30%
  2. Staining – 30%

Eight Key Skin Aging Factors

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