Some of the molecules that our technology collects from multiple stem cell types are shown below. These are not representative of all of the molecules, but it will give you a good idea of the numerous molecules involved that are working together to generate a powerful repair mechanism in skin and other tissue types.

BioRegenerative Sciences


Why is our technology unique?

Our technology is what is called a Systems-Based Approach. Most cosmetic or therapeutic products isolate one component to trigger a specific response in the body, which is called a reductionist approach. The system is reduced to one pathway and this single pathway is targeted to provide a healing response or certain other benefit. But the thing is, our bodies are a complex system of pathways that require many different nutrients and active ingredients in order to orchestrate the maximum response, and if one pathway is too stimulated by an excess of active ingredient, it can result in side effects.
We have studied how the body does the healing, especially in the skin. Multiple different stem cell types release molecules that trigger different pathways, which work in concert to provide a synergistic healing effect. This is the key to the powerful results that you see from our products.

Not All Stem Cell Therapies Are Alike

Advantages Of S²RM Technology:

  • A naturally occuring multitude of Stem Cell Released Molecules from two or more
    stem cell types (S2RMs) are delivered
  • Systems approach with the entire complement of stem cell released molecules
  • A defined, consistent, and controlled dose of S2RM TechnologyTM molecules is easily delivered
  • S²RM® are packaged using patented Exxosome Delivery Technology


Exxosome Delivery Technology

Unlike other so-called stem cell therapeutics, such as iPSCs and parthenogenetic stem cells, which are artificially induced “stem cells,” and suffer from genetic and epigenetic programming errors, the adult stem cells in S2RMTM Technology are genetically and epigenetically normal. Further, the production of some “stem cell” therapeutics does not allow the molecules to be completely processed in the cell, meaning that they cannot be easily absorbed into other cells because they are not recognized or they are not packaged properly.

Normally in cells, exosomes completely package active molecules and efficiently deliver the molecules to target tissue. Using a patent-pending process developed at BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc., we stimulate, isolate, and concentrate the naturally occurring exosomes that adult stem cells produce. Contained within the exosomes are the S²RM molecules. The exosomes provide a protected environment for the S²RM, enabling the diffusion of the molecules through the layers of tissue, and enhancing the delivery of the S²RM to neighboring target cells so that the S²RM can then act at multiple targets to effect positive actions that lead to maintenance and repair of the target tissue. The process we use to develop this delivery technology is called Exxosome Delivery Technology™.


Our products are unique because the active ingredients in our products work on multiple pathways to provide a synergistic effect, and the active ingredients are properly packaged so they can be easily absorbed by cells. This is the key to our technology, and this is the reason why our products are superior. By mimicking mother nature, we are able to provide products that make a noticeable difference in the health and beauty of your skin.